Music Lessons in Park Hill and Stapleton.

Beginning Students

My specialty for many of the instruments are beginners.

Beginners need special attention to get them started.

The concepts of hand and body position are so important to make play comfortable and enjoyable.

Beginners also need to know that making mistakes is part of the process. So large amounts of encouragement is necessary to get past the first difficult periods of learning.

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In your house or Mine

Lessons need to be a comfortable environment.

When I first started taking lessons my lessons were in my parents front room.

What better place to feel comfortable when just getting started.

I also teach in my front room that is very comfortable place to learn.

Drumset lessons go the basement though.

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Via Skype

A new concept in teaching via Skype is helping those that have transportation challenges.

I have now started giving lessons via Skype.

Since many of us have a camera in either their laptops or desktops, we can see each other and have a meaningful exchange.

These virtual lessons work really well with the older beginner and intermediate students.

Beginners need more, so not recommended for the newbies.

It works really well with drums/percussion and piano.

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